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On April 8th, 2014 yours truly experienced his first Krewella show in Orlando. Unfortunately Chris was not able to attend but Jahan and Yasmine stole my heart that night. I am still trying to get over the fact but I don’t think I ever will. It was one of the best nights of my life and I will remember it forever. 
I am such a huge fan and was waiting for this moment to happen for a very long time. You can only imagine how fast my heart was beating when they came out on stage. I stood there in awe before I could even start raging. The crowd was insane as well. 
Im so happy they played Human, definitely the highlight of the show in my opinion. I was able to record it all and have not stopped watching it since that night. Jahan also did her famous fuck the world act where she gets the whole crowd to put their middle fingers up in the air. The passion that these girls have is just so inspirational. I have to say I fell in love with Krewella that night a lot more. 
Alive was the song that brought me to this beautiful group. Its honestly a song that has impacted me like no other song can. I remember listening to it for the first time on the radio. I was sitting at a red light and immediately turned the volume up when it was playing. From then on it was all uphill. So when they played this song at the show I sang my lungs out and truly felt ALIVE. 
ONE MORE SONG ONE MORE SONG ONE MORE SONG, I chanted as did the crowd when the Krew was done, and they did! Ahhh it was amazing. No words really. I am so glad I got to experience them and CANNOT wait to see them again at Sunset Music Festival. Its gonna be a weekend for the books I can tell you that. 
My name is Santos and I am one of Krewella’s NUMBER ONE fans. I say one of because I know there are many more. I just wanted to share my first experience with you guys and hope that you can get a feel for what I felt that night. #Krewlife till the end. 
Follow me on Twitter @TampaKrew 
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Well, I’m a little nervous hahahaha, non-English speaking so I use Google translator xD sorry if you do not understand something, well, here I go
- Krew Hello, my name is Paul Gomez, I have 17 years old, and I live in a small neighborhood of Venezuela, and wholeheartedly I feel like your best fan from Venezuela
- It all started in late 2012 or early 2013 I remember the date very well, I was listening to several songs at random internet when I came across the Nicky Romero vs. Krewella - Legacy, since then I fell in love and completely give myself to Krewella, I immediately started hearing his entire discography, and more and more I fell in love more of his music, I have been amazed with how quickly you have grown and really deserve, ARE THE BEST, never I have lost their sets, new songs, and presentations in different electronic music festivals around the world, thanks to his songs I have inspired much in what I do, the challenges that put my life and really thanks, but very fucking thanks for all the good times they have given me with your music, have made me feel in the pit, I could not contain my tears of love to see the video of “Human” really is very beautiful and made me feel all the effort they have to give us so much happiness with their music, really thanks for everything.
- Like any human being, I have dreams in life, and my dreams are divided into 2 to swear before God achieve them, and the first one is to know you and talk with you in person, do not know how much I love, especially you Yasmine, I love you with all my forces, whenever I hear singing or see an image of you I feel a deep sense of love in the chest that makes me think I will not live in peace to meet you and talk to you in person, everyone tells me I’ll never make it, it’s impossible, but really I know that if not achieved, but a fan, I want to be your friend, someone to count here in Venezuela, Yazzy, really, you’re the most beautiful woman I have seen in this galaxy, when the day come to Venezuela comes and let me talk to you, be much excitement that will cry, seriously, and I’ll do everything humanly possible to do, it’s my dream, and my other dream is to become a commercial pilot, that has been my goal since I was a kid, and I’ll do anything to achieve it, took aviation in the blood and swear that I will be a successful commercial pilot.
- Currently the situation in Venezuela is very bad economically, and that much more difficult my pocket, I have never attended a concert of electronic music by the high prices of the lockers, but for a couple of years I have gathered enough to attend see them if you ever come to Venezuela, seriously I’ll do anything to achieve talking to you, turn and repeat, it’s my dream, my parents did not believe he does, but I will show them that nothing is impossible.
- In a month is my high school graduation and I am very pleased to be the best in my class, some of it I owe to you and your music that inspired me in the most difficult times to follow ahead and achieve my goals, my sincere thanks, I managed to gather together to purchase a premium 2 shirts and silver SnapBack Krewella and I am very, very happy you got, as I have always said, every effort has its reward.
- Seriously, I love them with all my strength, Yasmine you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I swear I’m going to make talk to you in person, it is my dream and I want to meet, never hesitate to marry you, would be the hahahaha happiest planet in serious, daily Tweets sent you not love that if you will read, all my friends know how much I love, and hope someday to keep my promise to talk to you in person
- Well, there are many things I want to say xD, thank you very much for taking part of your time and read this, I would be very happy if I sent a tweet confirming me who have read my most thanks Krewella , yazzy, seriously, I love you with all my strength, my dream is to meet you, I hope that when you come to Venezuela I remember and I fulfilled that dream and make this 17 year old boy the happiest in the galaxy person, ARE BEST. :´D
PD: Excuse me for speaking so hahahaha
- Paul Gomez / Twtter: @Raptor_737
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#KrewellaFanOfTheWeek checking in!

Ahhh this is too exciting. I still can’t believe I won this. I absolutely love Krewella!!!
My name is Santos a.k.a. @TampaKrew ! Born and raised here in Tampa, Fl. I first discovered Krewella at the end of the year in 2012. I remember the day specifically because the first song I heard of them was Alive. You can only imagine how much this song means to me. It is what I call the power of music and Krewella really knows how to push that. I feel in love with the song right away and craved for more. When I heard Hardwell play Alive at Ultra2013 I was jumping up and down in my room, pretty much the most excited UltraLive viewer at that moment. 
I have since then bought all of the Krew’s music and a lot of their merchandise as well. I even went as far as buying a headphone jack necklace like the one they gave away in one of their early giveaways. I saw all three of them wearing one and well I had to have one. Its a symbol of my love for Krewella and their music and I will wear it everyday. 
My family is constantly reminded of how much I love Krewella. One time I asked my mom what was for dinner. You already know how this question sets moms off, so she responded by telling me to go eat Krewella since I never shut up about them. I slept hungry that night but happy because well I just listened to Krewella lol. 
All my friends know about my love for Krewella as well. At a secret santa exchange they wanted clues as to what to get each other so my clue was “Krewella has a merch store”. I even went to dinner with a friend I had not seen in a while and her first statement was “Boy you really like Krewella don’t you”. She was referring to all the pics and songs I post on the social feeds.
I have a group of friends that love Krewella too (not as much as me obviously) and one of them made us shirts that say Krewlife on them. We always wear them when we go out. Its so awesome to be able to be stopped by random people to have to explain what Krewlife means. This same group of friends and I made a pumpkin last halloween and carved Krewlife in it (you can find it on my twitter). Posted it to Jahan and she said I was CERTIFUCKINFIED. Best halloween ever.
Krewella will forever be my favorite group. There is so much passion and energy that just makes me feel Alive when I hear anything about them. I attended one of their shows and I have to say it was one of the best experiences ever. I will never forget that night. Yasmine smiled at me :’). Their music moves me in a way no other group can, and I have to say that Krewella has changed the way I view music. Its just very unique and I love the variety and surprises they bring from all the background. Truly inspirational work. 
My first tattoo will definitely be Krewella related. I don’t know what yet but I am in the process of planning that out.
So to sum things up, Im pretty much one of the biggest Krewella fans you will probably meet. Krewlife to the end indeed. Jahan, Yasmine, Kris, if you are reading this know that I love you all very much. You have truly changed my life with your music and I will continue to support you no matter what. I cannot get over how beautiful you all are and I am longing for the day I get to see you Live again and or meet you as well (my dream: I’ll probably pass out). 
Until next time, 
The reigning #KREWELLAFANOFTHEWEEK signing out!
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Hi Krew! :D

My name is Marc (@MarkFlama on twitter) and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been listening to Krewella for over two years and it has helped me in so many ways.

One of my dreams came true the last 11th of July when I saw them for the first time at Electrobeach Music Festival in France, it was just an amazing experience! I’ll never forget that moment when Jahan pointed at me and saw my Krew Life sign in the crowd, so glad you liked it J :)

The last 28th of July was definitely the wettest night of my life. I saw them again, this time at Razzmatazz in Barcelona and they killed it as well. I still can’t believe Yazzy recognized me during the set and then she took a pic with me. I wanna thank you so much for taking the time to take a picture with me after the show, it was so nice to finally meet you. You’re so sweet and kind with your fans and that’s one of the things I appreciate the most in an artist. I love you Yaz! <3

The third and last time I saw them was on August 8th at Dreambeach music festival in Villaricos, they were amazing on stage. Seeing Human being performed live made my heart melt, it was magical moment :’)The 13 hour bus ride was totally worth it to see you guys perform one last time, you killed it as always :)
All I can say is THANK YOU, thanks for making this summer the best summer of my life and thanks for those wonderful memories I’ll never forget. Hope to see you guys soon here in Spain, hopefully next time Kris will come with you, I missed him a lot at the shows and I know he really loves Barcelona, specially its soccer team haha. I love and miss you guys! KREWLIFE!

PD: Sorry if my English sucks haha I try my best >.<

Twitter: @MarkFlama :)
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Haiiiiiiiii, my name is Aldana, but you can call me Aldee(as Yazzy did in a video where she said hi to me <3), I’m from Argentina(so Im really sorry if my english sucks lol), and I just wanted to let you know for the 35430958th time the huge love I have for you. I love all of your songs, they can make me go from sad to happy in just a second, you make my heart happy, you always put a smile on my face, even with a picture, or when you reply to me on tw(that btw you did a lot of times and it made my days even better!!). Through your music I’ve met who I now call my best friend(Camila), we could spend hours talking about how much we love you guys!(hope that doesn’t sound bad to you,lol), and it’s so amazing how you can meet so many good people through music I love that<3. 
I also wanted to say how much your Argentinian Krew misses you! we hope that when you come back here you come with Kris so we can all meet him too, that would be so awesome<3.

and last but not least, thank you for the hours you’ve spent in the studio, writing, producing songs for us, your fans, because we truly appreciate that. Thank you for being such amazing people, so down to earth, so sweet with everyone. just THANK YOU <3.
I love you with all my heart, if you ever read this pls let me know!!
tw: xaldifloresx
I love you trolls :*

P.s. I wanted to share that pic of that sunset with you guys, bc I fuckin love sunsets, and yeah <3.
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Hi my name is Maya :) I’ve been supporting Krewella since 2013 saw them for the very time at Ultra 2013 and although there were some difficulties they were still amazing. Literally I don’t think anyone understands my love for Krewella. Ever since I’ve been listening to them, my days are brighter, my mood changes, everything is 100% better. I can have the worst day and the minute I listen to them my mood changes. I’ve met so many amazing people through Krewella and that just amazes me how music can bring people together so easily. Deciding to be apart of the Krewlife was a smart thing I decided to do. I had the great honor to meet Yasmine & Jahan at Ultra 2014 and it was literally the best day ever. Their vibe is so down to earth you can tell they are the most amazing/sweetest girls ever. They have such a big heart and you can tell that just by saying hi to either of them. The energy they have on stage is contagious and can be felt from miles away. You’ll leave a show wet because of how much fun you’re having and I know that by experience because I’ve had it happen to me lol. Hopefully next time I meet them I get to meet Rain Man because he’s just as great as Yasmine and Jahan :) okay don’t wanna write a book but Krewella if you’re reading this just know that you have my love & support to the very end and I even have we are one lyrics tattooed on me because those lyrics just fucking inspired me so much that I just knew it was a right decision! 

Much love, 
Maya :)
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