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So my Krew story is binded with lots of passion. It all started when I heard Alive on the radio (B96 to be exact), and they were announcing Krewella as a group that started in Chicago. I was in shock that such talent was right down the road from where I live yet I was so clueless as to who they were! As time past I became busy planning how I would bring up a child because me and my boyfriend of 4 years had surprisingly became pregnant. I was in shock because we thought there was no way he could produce children because of a past surgery he had. As time went by it seemed like our love which we thought was strong (enough to stay together while he left to college for 3 years out of the 4 we’ve been together) came unraveling because of this pregnancy. We became very distant as our child was born but we tried staying together because we just did not want to give up! He finally graduated about 2 months after our daughter was born and he came back home, but everything was falling out of place. We were pushing each other out of our relationship and we just weren’t happy. We decided yet again to try one last time to make things right since we knew from the moment our relationship began that we were made for each other! Over the summer I slowly became more interested EDM and my boyfriend, who loved EDM, introduced me to more talent and one of them he focused on was Krewella because he knew I would love them. Over time I started finding myself looking into them and introducing him to some songs he never heard of by them. We were so excited when we heard they were ending their GET WET tour in our (Krewella and my bf and mine) wonderdul city of Chicago! We quickly bought our tickets the day they came out and before they sold out! I was so excited because we were tight on money because of our daughter’s expenses and we were glad we would finally have a chance to do something we wanted to! A couple days passed and we learned they would be playing at the Mid (a night club) in Chicago on a Monday (?!?) and we quickly bought tickets for that event too! I was stoked because it was my first rave experience and I was so happy I would see Krewella who brought my bf and I close again after almost parting ways! Fast forward to the night I saw them…. I was in a trance all night! I wished they could have played longer that night at the Aragon ballroom! The scene was especially lovely because everyone was so nice and loving and caring! I was collecting glow sticks and everyone around me(complete strangers to me) would give me glow sticks they came across! I was so happy that night! BTW I’m so sorry Yazzy I almost hit you with one while you were on stage! That night I realized what EDM was about! It was all about peace, love and happiness! We relived the experience on Monday night and it was the best weekend of my life! About a month later, we went to Kansas City so we can hang out with a few of my bf college buddies. We went to go see Adventure Club at the Midland that night and I explored the scenery here because I was so interested in all the love and I felt like I needed to meet everyone there! Well, later on during Adventure Club was performing my boyfriend said he wanted me to know he was happy we were able to rekindle our love and passion for each other and told me he wanted to make my upcoming birthday special! He told me he would be proposing to me on my birthday!  I could not stop crying out of all the emotions I felt! He apologized for what I went through in my pregnancy and said he knew he wanted to spend his life with me! This story is coming to an end but not my Krew story. My dream is to beat him to the punch and hopefully propose to him on New Years and I would just love it if I had Krewella help me propose to him since you guys saved my relationship and he saved my life by freeing my soul ♥ I am going to try and try my hardest to reach you girls so you can help me with this new beginning ♥ BTW my bf is crazy about you Yassy!!
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Hey Krew :D
My name’s Mike, and I’m from Rhode Island, hope you enjoy my story of being a fan/meeting Krewella :)

My Krew story starts two years ago, right around Krewella released their Play Hard EP. The first song I heard from them was Play Hard, and to be quite honest I don’t remember exactly where/how I heard it (fail on my part haha). But anyways around that time I wasn’t interested in any form of EDM or knew of any Djs besides some top names at the time, such as Skrillex or Tiesto, so Play Hard was something totally new to me. I really enjoyed Play Hard and the other tracks in the EP, which lead me to look for more of their music (Strobelights, Life of the Party) as well as explore more artists and djs that made EDM. I was immediately hooked, and fell in love with Krewella and the scene. Unfortunately, the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 were not the best for me, as I had many family issues at the time so I wasn’t concerned with trying to go to any of Krewella’s shows or any rave in general (I think missed their only show they’ve ever played in RI too :/ ). On the bright side things started to clear up during the summer, so I started to focus on supporting the Krew as much as I could. A close friend of mine also asked me if I was interested in going to Electric Zoo in New York. I agreed to go, and knowing Krewella was on the lineup for Sunday, the third day of the festival, I was READY to finally see them. I guess it wasn’t the right time however, as I was woken up Sunday morning to be told that the festival was cancelled. I was pretty disappointed that I would have to wait who knows how long again to see them, but there was nothing I could do. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to an Adventure Club after party that night (which was fucking awesome), and even luckier to notice Yasmine supporting them halfway through the show behind the dj set. She noticed my fuck sleeves shirt/play hard snapback and waved to me, so it wasn’t a totally loss. I would have to wait another 2 more months until the Get Wet Tour came around to New England, and at this point I was FUCKING READY to finally see Krewella in Boston. I ended up waiting 2 ½ hours early in line with my friends just to get to the front of venue’s stage. The show was absolutely amazing and was worth waiting so long to see,  and Yasmine even held my hand and sang with me during Dancing with the Devil :D. I was hoping to try to meet them that night, but they had to leave the venue right away to make it to the GMA show the next morning so I was out of luck. A few months later I decided with three other friends to make a six hour trip to Atlantic City for a Life in Color show that Krewella/Sebastian Ingrosso were headlining. And after being a fan of the Krew for years, I finally got my chance to meet them that night. A friend of mine over twitter was at the show as well, and she was kind enough to help me get to the back of the venue, where I met Krewella. I briefly talked to Kris and said hello to Jahan before they left to get some rest at their hotel. Yasmine stuck around for a bit and we talked/took a picture, and before she left she told us it was cool to meet her back at her hotel after she cleaned up to chill for a bit. At this point I was completely  mind-blown and couldn’t believe that this was happening. In the end, we talked/hung out for a few (where a  baby picture of me from my Instagram was even shown to her too, thanks Tiff :3) and I was beyond happy. I can’t express how thankful I am to my friend for helping meet them, and Krewella as well for being so kind and down to earth when I met them. I’m proud to call myself a part of the krewfam, and I will continue to support them for as long as they are here to drop nasty beats and beautiful vocals. I’m looking forward to the next time we meet and I wish you guys only the best for 2014 and onward. 
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On April 8th, 2014 yours truly experienced his first Krewella show in Orlando. Unfortunately Chris was not able to attend but Jahan and Yasmine stole my heart that night. I am still trying to get over the fact but I don’t think I ever will. It was one of the best nights of my life and I will remember it forever. 
I am such a huge fan and was waiting for this moment to happen for a very long time. You can only imagine how fast my heart was beating when they came out on stage. I stood there in awe before I could even start raging. The crowd was insane as well. 
Im so happy they played Human, definitely the highlight of the show in my opinion. I was able to record it all and have not stopped watching it since that night. Jahan also did her famous fuck the world act where she gets the whole crowd to put their middle fingers up in the air. The passion that these girls have is just so inspirational. I have to say I fell in love with Krewella that night a lot more. 
Alive was the song that brought me to this beautiful group. Its honestly a song that has impacted me like no other song can. I remember listening to it for the first time on the radio. I was sitting at a red light and immediately turned the volume up when it was playing. From then on it was all uphill. So when they played this song at the show I sang my lungs out and truly felt ALIVE. 
ONE MORE SONG ONE MORE SONG ONE MORE SONG, I chanted as did the crowd when the Krew was done, and they did! Ahhh it was amazing. No words really. I am so glad I got to experience them and CANNOT wait to see them again at Sunset Music Festival. Its gonna be a weekend for the books I can tell you that. 
My name is Santos and I am one of Krewella’s NUMBER ONE fans. I say one of because I know there are many more. I just wanted to share my first experience with you guys and hope that you can get a feel for what I felt that night. #Krewlife till the end. 
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KREWLANTA FOR LIFE! I went to the Krewella concert at the tabernacle and it was absolutely amazing. I bpught my ticket like two months in advance and balled out for some tickets for my friends too, it was so worth it. The atmosphere and feeling you get during a krewella concert it unbelieveable. Ypu feel so fucking free and powerful, like noone can bring you down from this high. I’ve been having a tough 2014 dealing with depression and everything but this concert wad just the fucking higlight of my year, felt truely happy, something I haven’t felt in forever. Yasmine, Jahan and the rainman do a fantastic job of hyping the crowd up, and candyland fucked with the atl beats. AMAZINGGG. WILL NEVER FORGET IT. Hope you guys come back and do meet and greet! LOVE YOU KREWELLA ♥ The krewlife is the one for me! #KREWLANTA
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A one way ticket, a c-note, and a ticket to Krewella’s show at Exchange in LA is all I had. If I was a rationalist, going out on a limb would be an illogical move to make. I’m not rational. You lose a little sanity trying to overcome the struggle in a world of oppression. You lose a little sanity in a world where you are your only supporter and only believer in the goals and dreams you have. Delusions of grandeur? Maybe. But I decided to take a risk and I still don’t regret it. Surely, submerging myself into my one escape from the social constructs of reality have not worked out in my favor. I didn’t make my flight; I didn’t make it to the show. And for the love of Krewella’s succession, I didn’t refund my ticket. I’m broke but happy. I’m still California dreamin’ and might be for awhile. I don’t care. I don’t believe in destiny or fate ( the laws of attraction seem more appeasing) I’m still not sure what I would have done after their show in Cali. A shot in the dark and maybe I meet Krewella and tell them my story in hopes of getting some type of help. Realistically, who am I kidding? Almost a year later, and I’m happy as fxxk, aware that they are now a household name. I have a lot of admiration for Yasmine and Jahan. The fervor they carry in being outspoken, socially conscious human beings, well that alone is the reason they have my utmost respect. Two women who will always have my support, for empowering themselves (in a male dominated scene and society) and who are inspiring the likes of many who are getting the motivation to speak up and empower themselves. My art, my music, and my personal endeavors are not over, one day I’ll make it to Cali. One day I might make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you ladies #krewforlife
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hey krew! wasssup!
My name is Kenzie and I’m from Nashville. i wanted to tell you guys my krew story! But before i start i just wanna say “GET WET” is fucking dope i downloaded it the day it dropped. I saw you guys in Nashville in November with Candyland and Seven Lions, who i also love, and it was probably one of the best nights of my life. It was my second time seeing you guys live. Jahan, Yazzy, and Rain Man y’all fucking killed it! I tweeted after the show and yazzy you tweeted me back! i was like in cloud 9 that whole night haha. But hurrrs my krew story…

The first time i ever saw you guys was on my birthday in 2012, on December 28th, at Club Seen. It was magical, that show literally changed everything for me. Before that night i was dealing with some heavy shit. I had lost my job, was broke, that year i had recently came out as a lesbian, and was getting cyber bullied by people who lived in my small town of Hendersonville, i had lost two family members, was recovering from a recent drug addiction to prescription pills, and 5 days prior to your show my girlfriend of two years, who i had a hidden relationship with until i came out with broke it off with me. I was also dealing with my father isolating me from him and his family for being gay. I was literally in my own personal hell, and it got to the point to where i wanted to take my life and end it all. I had been listening to Krewella since 2011, one of my best friends played me “cant control myself” for the first time and i was hooked. To this day we call that our song and when you dropped it at your show in November, we both started crying because it means so much to us.”One Minute” is also another favorite of mine i still listen to that song daily. I’ll never forget one night, me and my friends were driving home, i was drunk and it was the first time i had ever drank Jameson, and we put on “Strobelights” and were screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I have so many wonderful, and drunken memories to your songs. But when i saw you guys on my Birthday, i completely let go of what i was feeling, its like you guys grabbed me out of my depression for one night and made me feel alive again. ( no pun intended haha) After that night i started to change my life around, i started being more positive and i just kept telling myself everything was gonna be okay. I started keeping up with your music on sound cloud.  I couldn’t wait till you guys came back to Nashville. I remember hearing the Play Hard EP for the first time and i instantly fell in love with you guys all over again. And this year when i heard about you guys coming out with a Full Length Album i was fucking stoked. You guys have played at so many awesome shows, and ive always been to broke to go to any out of state, but one day i fucking will! This summer when you guys announced your tour i bought my tickets two weeks after they went on sale, i was so fucking excited. And then when “Get Wet” dropped i played it over and over, it was all i listened to. I like every single song on theres not one i dont like. “Dancing with The Devil”, Pass The Love Around” and “Human” are some of my favorites, and “Live for The Night” i always have to listen to before i go out. Your song Human i could really relate to, after everything i had been through it really spoke to me, The beginning of 2013 was not a great year for me. And that song just brought back everything i felt at that 2012 show. Your show in November was fucking amazing, when i left i didnt even have words. Ive never raged so hard. i was sweaty and wet and jumping all around, i was so happy. I swear id do anything to go back to that night.   You guys played everything, even your older stuff, which will always be so dear to me.
Krew you guys are such amazing and talented artists. Jahan and Yazzy you guys are fucking beautiful girls inside and out. Jahan i love everything you stand for and how your not afraid to say what you feel. Yazzy, me and you are so close in age haha, i feel like i can relate to you so much, you da trillest minion in troll land! and Rain Man, please continue to make dope ass beats and be the badass motherfucker you are. You three are a musical and lyrical triple threat. Krewella is gonna take over! I have always been a fan of EDM, i love everything it stands for, i think EDM is about to take this world over by storm and thats what it needs, it needs more peace, more love, more unity, and more respect. I think everything you guys stand for will change everything for us youth all over the world, its already starting to! Especially “United Kids Of The World” with DJ Headhunterz, as being a victim of cyber bulling i love everything it stands for. The Internet can be such a cruel and un welcoming place. I love you all so much, i will continue to be a Krewella fan til death.I love being apart of the Krew, i feel like we are one big family. I cant wait till you guys come back to Nashvegas! Im hoping to see you guys at some festivals this spring and summer. keep on trolling, keep kickin ass, you guys saved me. and im so thankful for that and the music you make. i fucking love you krew. take a shot of jameo for me!
much love,
PS: im listening to Troll Mix Vol. 7 right meow and lemme just say its probably the best one yet, i downloaded it on soundcloud the day it dropped. its sweet musical love to my ears.